Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Great Offer From Lulu...

They are having a mystery sale at Lulu's.  Take advantage, people!

Click here to go to my Lulu Bookstore!  Just posted in my bookstore is an E-Book format for "Fateful Firsts" and "Second Thoughts."

Click here to order "A Candlelit World" which I co-authored.  The E-Book format is compatible with Kindle.

"A Candlelit World" synopsis:

In 1899, a group of outsiders uncover a plot to raise an evil entity from the local cemetery. By bearing witness to the ritual that accomplishes this, it effectively signs their death warrant and in order to save themselves they must find out the key to return this Stranger to its grave. Though the evil is eventually banished and everyone is killed as a result, the story does not end there. One hundred years later, an unusual and powerful candle is found in an antique store by a pair of college students doing research for an assignment. Upon lighting it, the same evil is brought back along with the spirits of those who'd died to stop it before, who have much unfinished business among themselves as well. 

"Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry" synopsis:

Fateful Firsts is a collection of poetry with subjects ranging from life, love, relationships, pets, animals, and places. Some of the poems included were written in the later 1990s, but I didn't begin writing poems on a regular basis until 2006. It is my honor and privilege to present to you... Fateful Firsts! 

"Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry" synopsis:

You hold in your hands my second collection of poetry. I found after writing Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry, I was having Second Thoughts about relationships, emotions, and other life-altering events happening. What you see within these pages is the authentic me. Enjoy! 

Please order copies today, and recommend the books to your friends and family!

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