Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I wanted to share the above quote because Ralph Waldo Emerson has always been one of those poets who inspire me.  I've always thought that the decisions I make, whether they were good or bad on my part, have shaped the person I am today.  Having a hard-knock life at times makes for great writing material for my future self.  It also shows me how strong a woman I am when I've overcome difficulties that life sometimes throws at me.  I may be battered and bruised a bit during those times, but I'm never completely broken.

On Another Note...

I received an email from World Poetry Movement on Tuesday inviting me to publish a poem in a book called "Great Poets Across America: Celebrating National Poetry Month."  The following is quoted from the email:

" You will appear along with a distinguished group of just 305 other amateur poets that were nominated for this historic project."

April is National Poetry Month for those who may not know that.  But wait, there's more:

"We have established over $10,000.00 in cash and prizes that will be awarded to you and the other elite poets featured in this celebration of National Poetry Month!"

I have no idea what I might end up with, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.  I had 7 days after receiving the email to submit my poem, but I jumped on it right away.  I didn't want to pass up this opportunity.  I was thinking about submitting "A Lover's Dance" again because I chose that poem for the Amateur Poetry Contest I entered through World Poetry Movement, but went with the poem "Heartbroken" instead.

I chose "Heartbroken" because of all the newer poems I've written over the past few months, it is the one I'm most proud of producing.  I've reread the blog entry I posted "Heartbroken" on several times since March 24th, and still can't believe it came out of me like that.  Anyway, the prize winners will be announced by May 31, 2012.  I've definitely marked my calendar for it!  I'm starting to feel like my talent is finally being acknowledged.  It's such a rush!

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