Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Several New Developments!

I am no longer editing The Shepherdess Princess to get it prepared to send off to an agent.  I will get back to it someday, but it won't be the novel that will get picked up right away.  I am starting work on another project now that will be the one I send off once it's spruced up.  The new novel is called A Personal Journey Through Faith.  I have been sharing some of the chapters in my other blog.  It consists of my Believing God posts, but that will be changed around in the novel itself. 

Some Other Changes...

The Shepherdess Princess is no longer going to be a six-novel historical romance series.  I have narrowed it down to two because I realized the other four novels I planned on was just retelling the original story from different character viewpoints.  The duology will now only be made up of The Shepherdess Princess, and Noble Beginnings.  Those are the only two novels in the series that could stand on their own without being redundant.

I have a file on my computer just for my story ideas.  That list consisted mainly of sci-fi/fantasy type novels along with several romance novels I thought up.  The entire list consisted of fifteen books....It is now down to seven books.  Aside from The Shepherdess Princess and Noble Beginnings, the other five books are faith based.