Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Writing Update

Finally!  I have to remember to bring my laptop to the library more often if I want to update my fans on my writing because the library computers don't let me write in any body text when I try to update my blog.  All it allows me to do is put in the blog title.  It gets frustrating after a while.


I haven't made my minimum self-imposed deadline of October 8th to be finished with writing "The Shepherdess Princess" because I haven't been able to write anything new in it for a while.  However, I am slowly making some progress because I printed out what I have so far in the manuscript, which came to 87 pages after I changed the page size to 8 1/2 X 11 and double spaced the document, and am now halfway through editing it in my computer file.

As I've gone through the motions of editing it, I am getting ideas for continuing from where I'm stuck that I jot down for future reference.  I'm ending up with quite the outline I can refer to in order to help me finish the book itself.

Other Writing...

My time struggling with "The Shepherdess Princess" hasn't been a total bust.  A couple weeks ago I wrote a new poem that I added to my manuscript, and over the past couple months I worked on a short story that I submitted to "Chicken Soup for the Soul" a week ago.

This Coming Weekend...

I am going to be working more on finishing the editing I have left, so I can to the rest of the story.  A writing session with a friend may be in order!  ;)  :)