Monday, January 23, 2012

Two New Poems, and More...

Planted in my Memory
There’s a plant with a brown leaf

On a windowsill giving me relief.

I love to garden
When my heart is burdened.

I live in an apartment,

So I have to relent

From digging in the dirt.
Even though, I’d rather feel the earth
As I squish it through my fingers.
Producing flowers as my memory lingers.

I don’t mind having to resort

To planters until I can afford

A house of my own someday
That doesn’t need such a window display.

I like pictures of brown leafy vegetation.

I think the nation

Would be run better
If we voted for a gardener!

"Planted in my Memory" is the poem I just finished doctoring up for the weekly writing competition at 21st Century Poets.  I still need to add a satirical poem for the other weekly group, so I still have the window up to do that.
Last night ended up being quite productive for me.  I have one and a half poems written to go into "The Cocoa Bean" poetry collection.  Here's one of them:

 Hershey’s® Special Dark
(® of the Hershey Company)

Hershey’s® Special Dark candy bar
Is one of my favorite treats by far.
I love breaking up the squares
Before opening my package of wares.

I like to see how close I can get
To the pre-designed grooves, and yet
I still manage to mess it up.
I don’t mind eating the mistakes
If that’s what it will take.

Dark chocolate is my favorite blend
And helps me feel better when I’m on the mend.
Whether it be part of my monthly routine,
Or suffering from an illness sight unseen.

Hershey’s® Special Dark
Will always hold a special place in my heart.
Dark chocolate is good to me,
But my weight may vary
If I’m not careful.
That’s why I need to practice being share full.
Aside from the chocolate poems I'm still working on one of, I also got a little bit more written to add to "The Shepherdess Princess" for the first time in a while.  I find when I get blocked writing one book, it's easier for me to do something else for a while.  It keeps my mind active, and I return to it when the time is right.  The time seems right for me now to return to "The Shepherdess Princess" since the characters are telling me what to write once more.

It has become difficult to get to sleep at a decent hour the past couple days because I have all these images and scenes running through my head, screaming to get out onto the blank page.  Once I write it out, I'm able to sleep.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Accomplishments in Writing

I guess I'm alone in my attempt to title my Chocolate covered poetry collection, but I think I might have it already.  I stayed up until after 4 am trying to decide what the title should be, and ended up picking "The Cocoa Bean: A Chocolate Lover's Poetry Collection."  Now that I have the title, I'll have to start a manuscript for it, and add the file to my ever growing list of stories I'm working on.

I surprised myself last night by realizing when I checked the list of book titles I'm working on in my brainstorming journal that there was ten titles altogether.  I work on the stories one at a time, but I was impressed.  I couldn't believe it.  The last time I was aware of how many books I was writing was when there was only five titles.  That seems like ancient history to me now.

This week's picture prompt at 21st Century Poets weekly writing competition is a "What is it" picture.  The moderator of the group only shows a partial picture until next Friday when she'll reveal the whole thing.  I have a couple poems about what it might be running through my head, but I don't think I can post only one of them.  I'll be adding the second poem I wrote about it possibly being a plant in a windowsill.  The poem closest to the actual object is the winner for the week.

Last week's poem written by me, "A Lover's Dance," won the weekly competition!  I'm so happy about that, and it qualifies my poem to be entered into the monthly contest.  Could I have written the best poem in the month of January?  I'll have to wait a couple more weeks to find out.

The second weekly writing group I'm in is asking for a satire to be shared this week.  I'm thinking about sharing one of my poems that I published in "Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry" for it, but I may end up writing something new.  This weekly writing group isn't a competition like the other one, but a place where one can go to get their work critiqued by their peers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Gift for the Masses...

Since some of my friends and family have supported me in my writing and the purchase of my books when they can afford it, I've been very blessed to have some readers come up to me with comments about what they've read.  For those that have been following my writing blog, I recently posted about wanting to start my third collection of poetry which I've entitled "The Trifecta."  I still plan to continue working on this new collection of poetry until I deem it fit for publication, but there is already another possibility for a fourth collection of poetry on the horizon.  Several people have came up to me in the past couple weeks telling me how much they can relate to my food-related poems in my collections, especially those poems related to my love of chocolate.  I would like to inform you select few that I have been listening, and am excited to announce I will begin writing a poetry book based solely on CHOCOLATE!  I'm still batting around several possible titles, but some I've thought of so far are: "The Chocoholics Guide to Poetry," "A Chocolate Lover's Poetry Collection," "Chocoholics Anonymous," or "Chocoholics Unite!"

I would like your input on the title in the comments section of this post.  My readers inspired the beginning of this collection, so I want my readers to pick the title they like best.  You may suggest a different title altogether if none of the above suit you.  The title with the most mentions will be the title that I will publish this collection as.  Thank you for your support, and I look forward to your input.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Weekly Contest Entry...

The following is the picture prompt for this week's contest:

Group avatar

Below is my poem:

A Lover’s Dance
Two partners sharing one heart.
When they met, they were worlds apart.
They come together on the dance floor,
And the miles dissolve once more.

All they hear is the music playing
As they sway to the rhythm.
They melt into each others arms,
And become as one organism.

The other dancers stop to give them the floor
Lest they should be booted out the door.
The dancing lovers
Only have eyes for each other.

Their audience is non-existent
To them until the music ends,
And the lovers wait patiently
For another song to begin.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I wrote the following post just now for a group at 21st Century Poets to enter a weekly contest.  The other weekly group I added a poem to recently is mainly used for the poets to critique each other, and help each other hone their writing skills.  This new weekly contest I'm talking about actually has voting involved and a winner announced every Friday.  The only stipulation for the contest is you have to write a poem based on the picture they post for the week.

Here's the photo for this week:

Group avatar

Here's the poem I wrote:

The sun is the source of all light
Meant to give the poet inspiration and insight.
The sun’s radiance touches my skin
As I hold up my arms to praise Him-
My God, my Savior, and Everlasting Friend.

My skin soaks the light in
Until it’s blushing pink
Then red to match the flame under the skin-
The spark of life that dwells within.

The sun is the ultimate illumination
That deserves more description,
But the words fall short,
So I’ll do my best with this report:
When I am enveloped in darkness,
I can always trust the sun to return
As I stand here waiting to welcome another dawn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two books are better than one!

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"A Candlelit World" synopsis:

In 1899, a group of outsiders uncover a plot to raise an evil entity from the local cemetery. By bearing witness to the ritual that accomplishes this, it effectively signs their death warrant and in order to save themselves they must find out the key to return this Stranger to its grave. Though the evil is eventually banished and everyone is killed as a result, the story does not end there. One hundred years later, an unusual and powerful candle is found in an antique store by a pair of college students doing research for an assignment. Upon lighting it, the same evil is brought back along with the spirits of those who'd died to stop it before, who have much unfinished business among themselves as well.

"Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry" synopsis:

Fateful Firsts is a collection of poetry with subjects ranging from life, love, relationships, pets, animals, and places. Some of the poems included were written in the later 1990s, but I didn't begin writing poems on a regular basis until 2006. It is my honor and privilege to present to you... Fateful Firsts!

"Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry" synopsis:

You hold in your hands my second collection of poetry. I found after writing Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry, I was having Second Thoughts about relationships, emotions, and other life-altering events happening. What you see within these pages is the authentic me. Enjoy!

Please order copies today, and recommend the books to your friends and family!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Day of Writing Ahead...

I've joined this website called 21st Century Poets, and I'm part of a group with a weekly writing contest.  The first week, I had to write a poem entitled "New Beginnings."  That was easy for me to do because I had published such a poem in "Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry."

New Beginnings
New beginnings

means me winning

my battle with food
as I ”lighten” my mood
on a daily basis,
especially when I feel like I’m in an oasis.

A no-man’s land

isn't all that grand

without someone to share
my feelings of hope and despair.

Healthy choices and exercise

will mean my fat’s demise

I keep telling myself,

but my willpower sits on the shelf.

I have to do something, or I’ll go crazy.
I don’t want to be forever lazy.

So I’m grateful for my new beginning,

and a fresh chance at winning

my resolutions over
like a game of ”Red Rover.”
I’m ready to set free
the skinnier image of me.

This week's challenge is to write a poem about "Who am I?" in the 3rd person.  That seemed a little bit more challenging for me because I've only wrote poetry in the first person, so I thought on it a few days and finally have something started after reading a couple other participants entries on the site.


She is the youngest of six kids,
and she may not be the best or brightest,
but she survived high school
then graduated college twice.

She is 31-years-old,
and she has a story to unfold.
Writing has always been her passion,
and she writes in different fashions.

Mostly she writes poetry,
but now is working on a couple fiction stories.
One is a romance
where she becomes the Princess of France.
One is called ”Magic in Their Blood”
about a brother-sister duo with a twin bond
that overcomes being stolen from their home.

She does not discriminate,
or judge others because of their race.
She has been judged for far too long
because of her physical disabilities
when she’s smarter than the persecutor.

She surprises those who know her
with her knowledge and humor.
She can’t always be heard
because her soft voice doesn’t project words.
She’s getting better at speaking,
but it takes some concentration
and sometimes her voice goes flat
from trying to hard-oh, rats.

She hopes her writing inspires,
but sometimes it backfires.
Something is taken out of context,
or leaves her readers perplexed.

She uses her writing to escape
the reality she has to face
day in and day out
before her sanity she is without.

Other writing projects I hope to get to today:
  • Making a new file for my poetry book
  • Adding the new poem for the contest to my poetry book along with the others I've already written
  • Adding the beginning to "Magic In Their Blood"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Music Video and Distractions

This song came at a good time because things haven't been going my way lately, and some days I just want to give up.  I've listened to this song three times now, and I'm feeling better about the things going on in my life.  I will get through it, and win the battle in time.  I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

My writing has been pretty much non-existent lately apart from the short story I submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul due by December 31st.  I submitted it with a few days to spare.  I didn't have much to do to the story I wrote for it because it was actually one I had already written, and put in my autobiography I'm working on once in a while.  I did add a few more paragraphs to it before I submitted it, though.

Here's the story:

            I am constantly reminded of a Sunday morning service in January 1988 when a seven-year-old child, wearing a white dress with a daisy and red rose floral print, was singing a hymn while standing between her mom and one of her sisters in a pew located second from the back row on the left with her other sister standing on the opposite side of her mom with her youngest brother standing next to the other sister.  The little girl had blonde hair that was four inches past shoulder length and wore glasses.
            It started out as just an ordinary Sunday for her Southern Baptist family.  Her mom woke up in the morning, got her and her brother and sisters up, the family got dressed for church, ate breakfast, went to Sunday school, and then started the worship service with song.
            The third song was the “Old Rugged Cross.”  As this child was singing the second verse, she started crying.  Her family didn’t notice that she even sat down when the tears started to come.  Her family had no idea what was wrong with her, but she knew.  She had learned about who Jesus was through her Sunday school teacher, but it was while singing this song that she decided she wanted to “cling to the old rugged cross” and to lay down her trophies there.
            As the last verse was being sung, she prayed to God to send Jesus into her heart.  She felt a presence inside her heart as soon as she finished that prayer, and she automatically knew that her prayer had been answered and Jesus was there.
            The pastor baptized me one month later in the Newport swimming pool.

            The seven-year-old is thirty-one now, and still has her Jesus and still loves him so much.  Even during the times I backslid, I was constantly reminded of my redemption one Sunday, and brought to repentance of my sin against the one true God.

            I still have tears come to my eyes when I hear the “Old Rugged Cross,” and I retell my mom the story of why that song has meant so much to me and why it is my favorite hymn.  I tell my mom, “I was saved by that song.  That is why it is so precious to me.”
            My mom told me during my teen years that the church I attended when I was first saved wasn’t sure I understood the decision I had made.  By my remembering this story, it just goes to show that I knew what I was doing and God knew it too.  That’s all that matters.

            I am also reminded when I look back on this long-ago day of salvation, my first Easter following my baptism.  I was at home crying my eyes out, inconsolable because I thought Jesus had died on the cross for good.
            It took my mom a couple hours of calming me down enough to explain the rest of the story to me, and how he arose on Easter morning.  To which I replied, though little hiccups, “He did?  He’s alive now?”
            She reassured me that he was now in Heaven with God waiting for the day when he’ll return to Earth for everybody and take all Christians home with him.
            When I look back on both of these moments, I pray to God that I can still have a faith like the child I was so long ago.
What started out as an ordinary Sunday morning ended with an extraordinary meaning for my life, and my eternity!

“‘Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’”
-- Mark 10:15, NIV

I also added the verse at the bottom.  Each of their story submissions requires a Bible verse to accompany it.  I try to find one that goes along with the content of the story.

I did make some progress with "Magic in Their Blood" as well.  I added the usual pre-story info when I started my manuscript.  I added the acknowledgments last before saving it for future use.  I do have a beginning written out in a spiral notebook for it now, but I haven't had time to add it.  I'm also debating on whether I want to have a Table of Contents for it since the chapters aren't going to have titles apart from "Chapter One," "Chapter Two," and so on.  I figured I'll make a final decision about that closer to publication time.