Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I wrote the following post just now for a group at 21st Century Poets to enter a weekly contest.  The other weekly group I added a poem to recently is mainly used for the poets to critique each other, and help each other hone their writing skills.  This new weekly contest I'm talking about actually has voting involved and a winner announced every Friday.  The only stipulation for the contest is you have to write a poem based on the picture they post for the week.

Here's the photo for this week:

Group avatar

Here's the poem I wrote:

The sun is the source of all light
Meant to give the poet inspiration and insight.
The sun’s radiance touches my skin
As I hold up my arms to praise Him-
My God, my Savior, and Everlasting Friend.

My skin soaks the light in
Until it’s blushing pink
Then red to match the flame under the skin-
The spark of life that dwells within.

The sun is the ultimate illumination
That deserves more description,
But the words fall short,
So I’ll do my best with this report:
When I am enveloped in darkness,
I can always trust the sun to return
As I stand here waiting to welcome another dawn.

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