Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Day of Writing Ahead...

I've joined this website called 21st Century Poets, and I'm part of a group with a weekly writing contest.  The first week, I had to write a poem entitled "New Beginnings."  That was easy for me to do because I had published such a poem in "Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry."

New Beginnings
New beginnings

means me winning

my battle with food
as I ”lighten” my mood
on a daily basis,
especially when I feel like I’m in an oasis.

A no-man’s land

isn't all that grand

without someone to share
my feelings of hope and despair.

Healthy choices and exercise

will mean my fat’s demise

I keep telling myself,

but my willpower sits on the shelf.

I have to do something, or I’ll go crazy.
I don’t want to be forever lazy.

So I’m grateful for my new beginning,

and a fresh chance at winning

my resolutions over
like a game of ”Red Rover.”
I’m ready to set free
the skinnier image of me.

This week's challenge is to write a poem about "Who am I?" in the 3rd person.  That seemed a little bit more challenging for me because I've only wrote poetry in the first person, so I thought on it a few days and finally have something started after reading a couple other participants entries on the site.


She is the youngest of six kids,
and she may not be the best or brightest,
but she survived high school
then graduated college twice.

She is 31-years-old,
and she has a story to unfold.
Writing has always been her passion,
and she writes in different fashions.

Mostly she writes poetry,
but now is working on a couple fiction stories.
One is a romance
where she becomes the Princess of France.
One is called ”Magic in Their Blood”
about a brother-sister duo with a twin bond
that overcomes being stolen from their home.

She does not discriminate,
or judge others because of their race.
She has been judged for far too long
because of her physical disabilities
when she’s smarter than the persecutor.

She surprises those who know her
with her knowledge and humor.
She can’t always be heard
because her soft voice doesn’t project words.
She’s getting better at speaking,
but it takes some concentration
and sometimes her voice goes flat
from trying to hard-oh, rats.

She hopes her writing inspires,
but sometimes it backfires.
Something is taken out of context,
or leaves her readers perplexed.

She uses her writing to escape
the reality she has to face
day in and day out
before her sanity she is without.

Other writing projects I hope to get to today:
  • Making a new file for my poetry book
  • Adding the new poem for the contest to my poetry book along with the others I've already written
  • Adding the beginning to "Magic In Their Blood"

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