Saturday, January 21, 2012

Accomplishments in Writing

I guess I'm alone in my attempt to title my Chocolate covered poetry collection, but I think I might have it already.  I stayed up until after 4 am trying to decide what the title should be, and ended up picking "The Cocoa Bean: A Chocolate Lover's Poetry Collection."  Now that I have the title, I'll have to start a manuscript for it, and add the file to my ever growing list of stories I'm working on.

I surprised myself last night by realizing when I checked the list of book titles I'm working on in my brainstorming journal that there was ten titles altogether.  I work on the stories one at a time, but I was impressed.  I couldn't believe it.  The last time I was aware of how many books I was writing was when there was only five titles.  That seems like ancient history to me now.

This week's picture prompt at 21st Century Poets weekly writing competition is a "What is it" picture.  The moderator of the group only shows a partial picture until next Friday when she'll reveal the whole thing.  I have a couple poems about what it might be running through my head, but I don't think I can post only one of them.  I'll be adding the second poem I wrote about it possibly being a plant in a windowsill.  The poem closest to the actual object is the winner for the week.

Last week's poem written by me, "A Lover's Dance," won the weekly competition!  I'm so happy about that, and it qualifies my poem to be entered into the monthly contest.  Could I have written the best poem in the month of January?  I'll have to wait a couple more weeks to find out.

The second weekly writing group I'm in is asking for a satire to be shared this week.  I'm thinking about sharing one of my poems that I published in "Fateful Firsts: A Collection of Poetry" for it, but I may end up writing something new.  This weekly writing group isn't a competition like the other one, but a place where one can go to get their work critiqued by their peers.

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