Friday, January 20, 2012

A Gift for the Masses...

Since some of my friends and family have supported me in my writing and the purchase of my books when they can afford it, I've been very blessed to have some readers come up to me with comments about what they've read.  For those that have been following my writing blog, I recently posted about wanting to start my third collection of poetry which I've entitled "The Trifecta."  I still plan to continue working on this new collection of poetry until I deem it fit for publication, but there is already another possibility for a fourth collection of poetry on the horizon.  Several people have came up to me in the past couple weeks telling me how much they can relate to my food-related poems in my collections, especially those poems related to my love of chocolate.  I would like to inform you select few that I have been listening, and am excited to announce I will begin writing a poetry book based solely on CHOCOLATE!  I'm still batting around several possible titles, but some I've thought of so far are: "The Chocoholics Guide to Poetry," "A Chocolate Lover's Poetry Collection," "Chocoholics Anonymous," or "Chocoholics Unite!"

I would like your input on the title in the comments section of this post.  My readers inspired the beginning of this collection, so I want my readers to pick the title they like best.  You may suggest a different title altogether if none of the above suit you.  The title with the most mentions will be the title that I will publish this collection as.  Thank you for your support, and I look forward to your input.

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