Monday, January 23, 2012

Two New Poems, and More...

Planted in my Memory
There’s a plant with a brown leaf

On a windowsill giving me relief.

I love to garden
When my heart is burdened.

I live in an apartment,

So I have to relent

From digging in the dirt.
Even though, I’d rather feel the earth
As I squish it through my fingers.
Producing flowers as my memory lingers.

I don’t mind having to resort

To planters until I can afford

A house of my own someday
That doesn’t need such a window display.

I like pictures of brown leafy vegetation.

I think the nation

Would be run better
If we voted for a gardener!

"Planted in my Memory" is the poem I just finished doctoring up for the weekly writing competition at 21st Century Poets.  I still need to add a satirical poem for the other weekly group, so I still have the window up to do that.
Last night ended up being quite productive for me.  I have one and a half poems written to go into "The Cocoa Bean" poetry collection.  Here's one of them:

 Hershey’s® Special Dark
(® of the Hershey Company)

Hershey’s® Special Dark candy bar
Is one of my favorite treats by far.
I love breaking up the squares
Before opening my package of wares.

I like to see how close I can get
To the pre-designed grooves, and yet
I still manage to mess it up.
I don’t mind eating the mistakes
If that’s what it will take.

Dark chocolate is my favorite blend
And helps me feel better when I’m on the mend.
Whether it be part of my monthly routine,
Or suffering from an illness sight unseen.

Hershey’s® Special Dark
Will always hold a special place in my heart.
Dark chocolate is good to me,
But my weight may vary
If I’m not careful.
That’s why I need to practice being share full.
Aside from the chocolate poems I'm still working on one of, I also got a little bit more written to add to "The Shepherdess Princess" for the first time in a while.  I find when I get blocked writing one book, it's easier for me to do something else for a while.  It keeps my mind active, and I return to it when the time is right.  The time seems right for me now to return to "The Shepherdess Princess" since the characters are telling me what to write once more.

It has become difficult to get to sleep at a decent hour the past couple days because I have all these images and scenes running through my head, screaming to get out onto the blank page.  Once I write it out, I'm able to sleep.

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