Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 years, 2 months, and 27 days later...

It's been two days since I finished writing "The Shepherdess Princess," and I still find myself tweaking it a little bit.  There was a couple things I remembered I left out that I added to it yesterday, and this morning I remembered to correct a misspelled word I knew about.

I posted on Facebook that I had only the author's note left to work on.  When I get home, I'll be finishing working on that, and adding a couple more people to my acknowledgments before I print the whole manuscript out.

In the process of writing "The Shepherdess Princess," I ended up with three more story ideas for sequels.  Each book could be read by itself.  It doesn't have to be read in order, but the sequels will have connecting characters to the first book.

Instead of working on book 2 right away, another character I had in a book I put on the backburner to finish this one came to me in a dream a couple weeks ago and said "I'm next!"  Meaning, the character wanted her story to be told after I finished TSP.  So after a little break, I'll be starting back on "Magic In Their Blood."