Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Titanic Anniversary...

Whoever added the caption to this photo apparently doesn't know how to spell iceberg correctly.  I couldn't help thinking about this upcoming anniversary during the week, and thinking about those that survived and those that didn't.  I keep thinking of one tidbit about the Titanic accident that I heard about not too long ago: If the Titanic had stayed on it's course, and hadn't gone hard to starboard, they would've just cleared the iceberg.

A friend of mine also brought up on Facebook this week that he read in a report that many people thought "Titanic" was just a movie.  They had no idea that the movie was based on any historical event.  My reaction to that was " Makes me wonder what kind of History they are teaching kids in school today."

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  1. Hi Mandy.
    I'm hoping to read the latest from Andrew West?
    His take on the Titanic and thereafter.