Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Your Author's Photo Hurting Sales?

A friend of mine shared this article on her blog about Author's photos potential scaring readers away.  The article is actually titled "Does your author photo scare people away?  Here are 5 tips you need to get it right."
Anyway, it left me wondering if the pictures I chose to add to the cover of my books would scare anybody.

"A Candlelit World" photo:

"Fateful Firsts: A Collection Of Poetry" photo:

"Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry" photo:

Anyway, I'm curious what people think.  Please leave your comments.  I already figured the photo for "Second Thoughts" was a no-no because the background came out darker on the printed product, and it shows a little bit of cleavage like the article warns about.  At least I learned what no to do for future reference.

The "Fateful Firsts" photo had to be scanned from the book cover because I misplaced the original photo file I used on my computer to upload the picture to Lulu when the book was being made ready for publication.

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