Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dectina Refrain...

For the weekly challenge at 21st Century Poets, I had to write a poem based on the picture given in what is called Dectina Refrain format.  Dectina Refrain is a 10 line poem.  The first nine lines coincide with the number of syllables used for each line (i.e. Line one is one syllable, line two is two syllables, and so on until line nine) then the final tenth line is made up of lines 1-4 in the poem.

Here's my attempt at it:

A Soul Longing for Flight

soul longs
to take flight
beneath the moon.
Her guardian crow
waits to begin flying
with her as his one pupil.
Will they both get their only wish,
or will she jump into the river?

Her soul longs to take flight beneath the moon.

This is the image used for the poem:

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I also just finished typing up what I had written for "Dr. King and I."  I felt like it was more of an essay than a short story because it ended up being only one page long.  That is with an 8 1/2" x 11" page with 12 pt Times New Roman.  I gave it its own separate file on my computer because it doesn't belong anywhere in particular as of yet.  It may be put in a short story collection later on when I have other stuff I want to add to it.

I did end up adding "For Julie's Immortal Beloved" to my poetry manuscript.  Now, I'll be adding "A Soul Longing for Flight" as well.  With my newest poem added, I now have 30 pages total in "The Trifecta: A Collection of Poetry."

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