Saturday, March 24, 2012


Here's the new poem I promised to add earlier when I got done writing it.  Enjoy, people, and let me know what you think of it.


I sit on this bench among the roses
saddened, and wishing no one imposes
on my broken heart
that shattered since my love did depart.

This is our bench, his and mine,
and I sit here thinking about our arms entwined
as the fog rolls in.
Suddenly, I feel enveloped in his arms again.
It could all be in my head
because in my heart I know he's dead.

I return every year to this spot
to mourn the love I lost,
and I wish I was buried there
next to the only man who knew me well.

My search continues for a new love
to replace the memories of the one above.
He would want me to be happy and free,
and not wasting my life away under our tree.

I just posted this poem to the 21st Century Poets website as well.  I am also thinking about adding it to the final page of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship document before sending it off into the ether.  Then, I'll add it to my manuscript for "The Trifecta."  Once all that's done, I'll feel like I've accomplished something today.

This is the picture that prompted the poem:


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  1. Oh Mandy...this is a great poem. You really should include this in your Ruth Lilly application.