Thursday, March 15, 2012

An eventful week....

A few entries back I talked about making a writing bucket list.  Even though, I haven't made any progress of actually writing one out by putting pen to paper, I did complete something that could've been added to the list eventually.  I wrote a poem during a power outage using my trusty flashlight.  It's certainly something I've never done, or thought about doing before.  It's still a work in progress though, but I probably won't wait for another outage to finish it, but turn off all the lights in my apartment and write in the dark.  Since the poem is about the power outage, I may just continue writing it with the light on, and talk about the aftermath.  Of course, I'll share the poem here when it's completed.

Aside from having no power for more than a day, there was snow as well.  4-6 inches to be exact, and completely unheard of where I live.  My brother and I did volunteer at the local Library.  We were a little late starting our shift, but one of the librarians was kind enough to pick us up.  She knew where we lived because she used to live across the street.  We had a hard time leaving the warmth of the library with their power, and fireplace going after our shift ended.  We thought about heading back after we walked home to find out our power was still not on, but we didn't want to go back out in the snow and slip slide around some more.

Most of the snow was gone today, and got replaced with rain and wind.  My brother and I stopped at the library on the way to the store to let the librarians know we FINALLY had power after 34 hours of being without.  A couple of librarians were saying that they were still without power when we stopped by.

We ended up trashing a lot of ice cream we had in our freezer, and some of our frozen foods as well because apart from being defrosted some of the food was expired.  It was really nice after we got home from the store to be able to have our heater turned on while we cooked our food to eat.

I also charged my cell phone right away because the battery was almost dead, and I used it a lot to get an update on the power outage from the electric company.  It's fully charged now.  :)

One of my friends had an eventful Monday, and talks about it on her fast food blog.  She had her power back on well before I did.  It's been one crazy week for our little oceanfront community, and it's not over yet.

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