Sunday, March 11, 2012

Updating my manuscript, and other stuff...

I guess it's time to update again.  I spent some time yesterday with a couple friends at Starbucks having a writing session, and we all came out of the experience with new poems.  I actually started writing one for the new picture prompt this week yesterday morning, but got stuck halfway through.  When it was about time to leave my place, the words started flowing again.  The result of which is "A Supernatural Encounter," and a couple pages long in my manuscript!

A Supernatural Encounter

On a night both dark and dreary
As I cut through the cemetery
On my way home.
I found I was not alone.

Standing before me was an apparition,
And I had to make a quick decision.
Do I stay, or do I go?
My feet wanted to leave, but she looked so
Very sad
That I gathered up all the courage I had
To go up to her and ask “What’s wrong?”
She replied, “I haven’t seen anybody I know in so long.
Where do you think they have all gone?”

“They are probably dead, or in their old age,”
I replied, “When did you leave the world’s stage?”
She started, and ran to a grave
With a very faded name.
I followed her and read the year as if it was still plain.

There was an eerie glow around the 1878,
So I thanked her for showing me the date.
I felt I was just taught a lesson,
But something else seemed to be missing.

As I was turning to leave,
The apparition shrieked in recognition,
“My love, is it really you?”
I turned back to face her without a clue
Why she made such an outburst
Then I saw my transparent reflection on a shiny surface,
And realized I was cursed
To walk among the dead
As I recalled the bullet that entered my head.

At that moment I looked back
To her as if I knew she was what I lacked
In my life.
When we were alive, she was my wife.
I didn’t recognize her right away
Because she was younger than on the day
We had met.
My face brightened at the memory of our last sunset.

She stayed around to welcome me home,
And never left the confines of her tomb.
When I passed by
She was released, and we soared through the sky
Hand in hand
As we followed a bright light that appeared to the other end.

Then one of the weekly challenges a little while back was to write a poem about Dr. Seuss in honor of his birthday.  While I didn't finish the poem in enough time to post it to the group, I was finally able to finish it yesterday as well.

An Ode to Dr. Seuss

Theodor Geisel you were born,
But Dr. Seuss you became.
We toot our horns
For your birthday to proclaim.

I rhyme in honor of you today,
And the impact you had on my life.
Your books are cherished everyday,
And is a welcome retreat following strife.

You had a God-given talent
That was silenced when you died,
But your memory is never forgotten
Because of the legacy you left behind.

The Lorax is in theaters now
Following The Grinch and Horton Hears a Who in tow.
The Cat in the Hat is a classic
For children who act
Up, and don’t heed their parents.
We all start out like that!

I spent some time today catching up my manuscript for "The Trifecta: A Collection of Poetry," and now have a total of 26 pages.  I started out with 17 pages when I opened the file.  I've been feeling like "The Cocoa Bean" has been neglected because I haven't came up with anymore chocolate poems in a while.

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