Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day of Writing Ahead...

After struggling through the week trying to get inspired with the newest writing competition prompt, I finally have something to show for it a day after I was supposed to post it.  I will try not to repeat that this week, but I wanted to share the new poem here because I will be adding it to my manuscript anyway.

Love Never Fails

The Bible says "love never fails,"
but for me that's like throwing a coin in a wishing well.
I want to believe what the Bible says
because my faith and hope depends on it.

It's difficult to wrap my head and heart around
because I haven't found
anyone I can share my life with
that wants the kids, a house, and the support I would give.

I've seen love fail
when my parents both dwelt
on this Earth
as a child experiencing a divorce
along with my brothers and sisters,
and yet I was too young to remember.

The only proof I have "love never fails"
is the love my God gives freely,
and the Book bequeathed to me:
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
From death to life, from anger to mirth
In my Heavenly Father's eyes I'm priceless well beyond my worth.

It's Saturday now, and I find myself inspired by this week's new picture prompt.  It's slowly producing a new poem which I'm halfway done with now.  I'll probably come back on later today to share it, and anything else I've been working on.

On my Tumblr page, "The Written Word," I talked about in my last entry wanting to find my Martin Luther King, Jr. short story to finish, and I have.  I'm planning on typing that up today, but I'm not sure when I will.  There is still subject matter in the story that I'm wanting to take out because it's difficult for me to talk about. Part of me still wants to keep it in because it's all part of the reading experience.  I just feel like I didn't transition to the subject at the end of the story, and it's just BAM! right in your face out of nowhere.  I've been thinking about how I would write the transition were I to keep it in the story.

I also plan on finishing up my submission for the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship that is to be submitted by next Friday.  Where did the month of March go?  I feel like today should be closer to the 1st of March than it really is.  Anyway I was thinking about sharing my submission as a note on my Facebook page later, but I might post it here as well.

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