Sunday, July 29, 2012

A New Poem...

I was able to gain inspiration from this week's picture prompt finally, and write my first new poem in two weeks on Wednesday night.

The Lake

A boat moored on the lake
Is kept there for my sake.
The tranquility of water
Calms my nerves when I am bothered.

Sometimes I sit on the dock entranced
By God’s creation and glance
Around in awe
Of my surrounding why I pour out the raw
Emotions flowing through my pen
As a new poem is wrote once again.

I especially like making my escape in the fall
To the lake whose colorful trees stand tall,
And welcoming local visitors that recall
Basking in the presence of it all.

This is the ideal spot to get away
From the fast pace of the world day after day.
When I want to take things slow,
I return to the hidden lake that I know
Which is located off the beaten path
With my notebook, my pen, and just relax.

I've just got done adding this poem to my manuscript after putting it off for a few days.  I'm thinking about getting some more writing done in "The Shepherdess Princess" in a little bit.  Inspiration hasn't struck since Wednesday, so I may put off adding more to the manuscript if my characters don't start yelling at me again.

I picked up a couple books from the library based on pretty good reviews I've been finding of them.  One is "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins which I basically was intrigued about reading because they just came out with a movie adaptation for it.  Upon making it to chapter four, I have decided to quit reading it because the story moves too slow to my liking and has put me to sleep several times since I cracked it open a couple days ago.  I went so far as to skip to the end to see if it would get any better.  It didn't in my opinion.  I mainly wanted to read it to see why Hollywood thought it would be good enough to buy the rights to make the movie, but maybe the decision makers at the studio had an aneurysm, or saw their children devouring the trilogy.  Who's to know?  Needless to say, I'll be returning it unread to the library soon.

The second book I got from the library is called "Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead, and already it's better than "The Hunger Games" to me.  I've barely put it down since I started reading it today.  I was hooked from the first sentence, and can't wait to read more when I have more time.  This is the first book in  a series also, and there are five total books out so far.  What caught my eye with this book is the word Vampire.  I love anything to do with vampires ever since "Nosferatu" came out in the silent film days, and Bela Lugosi dawned the fangs as the very first "Dracula."  There are three different types of vampires in this book, and none of them sparkle:  Dhampir (one human/one vampire parent), Moroi (born vampires, and have royal blood), and Strigoi (the typical bloodsucking demons we know and love).  Dhampir's and Moroi are mortal, and can stand some sunlight whereas Strigoi are the immortal vampires that feed on human blood and can't stand the sunlight.  Moroi can become Strigoi if they feed off of one, or they attack a human.

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