Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Surprise for my Readers, and a New Poem...

I want the suspense to build a little bit, so I'll add my new poem first.  I wrote the poem to go with the picture prompt for the monthly competition I was added to at 21st Century Poets.  Here's the picture:

Here's the poem:

Don’t worry, little Bambi,
Being alone in the woods can be
Really scary of an experience,
But I’ll protect you while you smell the flowers scents.

When you are done here,
I’ll stay with you so you’ll have nothing to fear
As you make your way back home.
Only then will I leave you alone.

If on the way we meet a hunter,
I’ll distract him as you run for
Cover into the nearby trees.
When it’s safe again, we’ll continue on as you please.

When you’re reunited with your family,
I will leave you happily.
I will watch over you in your time of need,
And be your silent companion when you feed.

I already added "An Angel's Promise" to my poetry book making the page count 37 now.  It's growing slowly, but surely.


Usually when I'm writing a novel, I'm pretty private about it's contents until it's ready for publication with the exception of my poetry, and the short stories I write to submit to "Chicken Soup for the Soul."  Anyway, this past weekend I wrote a scene that I read aloud to my brother tonight that left him wanting to read the rest of the story.  After giving it some thought, I decided to add a little teaser from "The Shepherdess Princess" for my readers to see.  The setting of this scene is in a palace in France in 1340:

            The entire nation was mourning the loss of the Royal family when learning about the deaths of Queen Patrice and Prince Philippe upon Prince Edward’s return from England.  The flag of France remained at half-staff for an entire year upon the request of King Edward, who was crowned a couple months after his return with the bodies.
            The coronation was a melancholy event for all in attendance, but behind the palace walls was another story.  Prince Edward was seen by the staff as being rather happy despite the fact he’s supposed to be in mourning.  Everyone tried to ignore his odd behavior for fear of reprimand, but it became difficult to do so for the maids that he would grab as he was walking down the hallway and waltz around with for a few feet before releasing them.  Every now and then throughout the day, he’d be caught whistling a happy tune as he adored himself in the mirror, or just stood there straightening his already impeccable uniform.  The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the people of France embraced their new King.  Little did they know what King Edward was really like, the lengths he had gone to obtain his throne, or that the rightful heir was still alive and well. 

Everyone has my permission to salivate now!  :)  This was one of the scenes I mentioned in my previous blog post about wanting to add something near the beginning of the story to give it more "meat."  I want to make it a goal to get one of the fight scenes written sometime this week.  Once this small battle happens, the second half of the novel should go fairly quickly.  I have 71 total pages so far, but that doesn't include the 20 more pages I have written up to add back into the story at some point.

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