Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fight Scenes, and a New Poem...

I realized today another dilemma I've having.  I'm getting close to writing my first fight sequence in my book "The Shepherdess Princess," and I'm finding myself a little bit stuck.  I found tips about writing fight scenes at the NaNoWriMo website that are helping a little bit.  I'm just wondering how I want my characters to survive the skirmish since they are supposed to be battling with trained assassins.  When I first thought about the fight scene, those fighting with the good guys pretty much leave the fight unscathed and victorious.  Now I'm thinking that I might have to kill off a few of the lesser characters to make the fight seem plausible.  The good guys will be double the size of the bad guys, but the bad guys will have the advantage of experience.

I'm also thinking about changing the assassins to just hired trackers.  That way the fight would be on a more even keel, and maybe I can lessen the bloodshed for the good guys, too.  I don't want to have this fight sequence be too long because it's meant to be lesser than the one I have planned for the end of the book.  Although, this battle helps lead up to that final battle over birthright, so it has some importance because of that alone.

I'll have to sit down tomorrow, and bang it out the best that I can.  I need to sleep on it.

I did write another poem today that I submitted to 21st Century Poets weekly writing competition.  The picture prompt this week was a selection entitled "Summer Garden," so naturally my poem turned out to be...

Inside My Secret Garden

Inside my secret garden,
There is a gazebo resting under a tree.
I go there to write poetry,
And drink in the tranquility.

The beautiful flowers
I can stare at for hours,
And the lake reminds me
Of a far-off crystalline sea.

Inside my secret garden,
I am not burdened.
It’s one of the few places where I am free
To let my mind wander aimlessly.

The lone bridge I cross
Will inspire words of loss
As I think of the ones I love
That have left this life for the world above.

I did end up changing my last poem's title from "Midnight Run" to "Cinderella's Midnight Run" in my manuscript.  Then I added "Inside My Secret Garden" to the file while I had it open to work on.  I will be editing my last blog post shortly to change the poem's title there, too.

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