Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Busy Week In My Writing World...

I have the application for the Oregon Literary Fellowship typed up and printed out to send.  All I have left to add to it is the 15 pages of poems they require as a sample of my work.  They will not allow already published poems, so my idea to use some of my published poems mixed in with unpublished poems is out.  That leaves me 15 of 34 pages in my unfinished manuscript to choose from.  Once everything needed is gathered, I have to send off three copies!  That's a lot of printer paper, and printer ink I'll be going through.

I got correspondence in the mail today for my poem to be added to the "Great Poets Across America" book that is part of the National Poetry Month invitation I received from the World Poetry Movement via email in April.  I'm checking out the Artist's Release, and then I'll be sending it in for publication.  I'll be finding out June 30, 2012 if I get picked for any sort of prize money.

Another thing I did this week was check out possible upcoming book topics at the Chicken Soup for the Soul series website.  I found one topic I'm trying to write something for: Inspiration for Writers.  The deadline for the 1200 word story is the end of June.  For the book "Inspiration for Writers" they ask questions like: How did you overcome writer's block?  Who or what encouraged you when you were about to give up?  When did you realize that your story was ready to be shared with the world?  Then is states "This is your opportunity to help other writers--published and unpublished--draw inspiration and learn from your journey to publication (including self-publication and blogging)."

I made some progress in "The Shepherdess Princess" today as well.  I'm just about ready to type out the fight scene, but I have some research to finish up before I tackle it.  I'm waiting for a book from the library titled "Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Siege Weapons and Tactics" by Konstantin Nossov.  I also printed out some pages of research on Medieval Weaponry for the time period I'm using for Scotland, England, and France specifically.  I can't wait to see if any of the book I'm waiting on correlates with some of the research I've already came across online.  Anyway, the gap I had in "The Shepherdess Princess" feels like it's getting smaller and smaller the more research time I put into it.

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