Saturday, June 16, 2012

Research, and a New Page...

I got my application ready to be sent into the powers that be with the Oregon Literary Fellowships.  I'll be heading to the Post Office with it sometime this week to mail it off.

I created my own author's page at Facebook this week.  Click here to visit, and "Like" it if you haven't done so already.  I had separate pages for each of my books that I published, but this page makes all that easier to manage.  With the exception of the "A Candlelit World" Facebook page, my other two book pages are scheduled for removal.

I've had the book from the library for a week now, and haven't looked at it yet aside from bookmarking the chapter that deals with the Ancient and Medieval Weapons specifically for Medieval Europe.  I was waiting on reading it until I got another library book read which I finished reading this morning.  Once I get done writing this entry and making something to eat for lunch, I was going to grab my pen and a notebook and get to researching.

When I'm researching something, I like to use a spiral notebook to jot down any interesting tidbits I find as I'm going along in my reading of a book.  I also write notes on anything that may help me in my writing process that I'll use in the scene I'm writing.  It felt weird to me this week not doing any writing on my manuscript for "The Shepherdess Princess," but I'm stalled creatively until I get this research done.

I keep thinking this week that "I'm the youngest of six kids, so I've been in my share of fights.  I haven't experienced nothing as bloodthirsty as what I'm planning for this book."  Mwahaahaa!  Hence, why I'm doing research at the moment.

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