Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decisions, and a New Poem...

Sadly, I didn't win anything in the poetry contest I entered.  I'm not letting it stop me, though.  I entered my poem "Heartbroken" in the next go-around for the contest.  Maybe next time it'll be good enough to win the $1,000 Grand Prize.

I also came across another Fellowship opportunity that was shared on my Facebook page this week.  The deadline for applying is June 29th.  The Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship I entered asked for 10 pages of work to be submitted, but the Oregon Literary Fellowships is asking for 15 pages of work for poetry.  Another difference between the two Fellowship opportunities is that the Oregon Literary one is also awarded for Fiction novels.  Whereas the Ruth Lilly Fellowship is solely provided for poetry.

I got the application for the Oregon Literary Fellowship started, but I haven't decided on which poems I want to submit as a sample of my work.  Maybe I'll do a mixture of poems I've already published in my first two poetry books, and any new poems as yet unpublished if I'm allowed to do that.  I'll have to double-check the application guidelines for that.

On Another Note...

After two or three weeks of not getting anything out of my system when it comes to poetry, I wrote a new poem today.  This week's picture prompt at 21st Century Poets was Cinderella-related.  It was a picture of Cinderella running from the ball.  Here's my poem:

Cinderella's Midnight Run

As I dash away from the Ball,
The pumpkin makes me fall.
I leave my glass slipper behind
As I get up off the ground.

The Prince is getting closer
As I turn the corner.
I watch him as his picks up the slipper
As daintily as I will remember
This night for the rest of my life,
And longing one day to be his wife.

I make it inside my house
As I hear a far off noise:
It’s my stepmother and sisters
Returning without their mister.

I put away their things as they go to bed,
Reliving every moment of the dance in my head.
I make a heartfelt wish as I sit among the ashes
That Prince Charming will take me away from the lashes.

A month goes by without a word
When Carriage wheels are once again heard
On my street,
And my stepmother goes out to greet
Prince Charming
Who has been roaming
The village for the foot
The slipper fits not knowing the owner is covered in soot.

Everything ends happily
When the Prince spots me
While I’m tending the garden.
He slips it on my foot, and I am pardoned. 

I wrote the new poem in the file for "The Trifecta: A Collection of Poetry," so it's already added to my manuscript.  I have 32 pages total now.

I'm still contemplating whether I want to join in Camp NaNoWriMo this year.  The first month for it starts tomorrow.  Now that I don't have jury duty to worry about, I'm thinking about joining in.  I'm just not sure if I want to try to write 1,667 words per day, or not.  Maybe I'll skip June's WriMo, but use the time I have to  outline one of the stories I've been wanting to start working on, but haven't got to work on yet.  Then again, do I want to put "The Shepherdess Princess" on the back-burner while I do that?  Decisions, decisions.

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