Friday, August 24, 2012

Author's Fair this Weekend!

I'm always excited and nervous leading up to the Authors Fair at Bob's Beach Books because I'm afraid I'll get there and won't have anybody interested in purchasing any of my books.  I've been spreading the word for a while now, and have some friends that I know are for sure going, and others that said they'll try to make it or tell their loved one about it who is now a fan of my work.  I've been trying to promote it all month long at least.  I just hope the weather turns out to be really nice, and nothing like the reports leading up to Saturday are expecting it to be.

Of course I'll be spending the night once again at my co-author's place since we have to leave pretty early in the morning to make it to the event.  That will save her some on gas not having to swing by my place to get me.  I'll be getting my stuff around for that as well.  I'll be charging my camera battery tonight, pack my notebook and a pen ahead of time, and what not.

I haven't had anything new on the writing front this week, but maybe I'll be inspired while peddling my wares.  I've written new poems at the event before, so it could happen again.

Updated 8/24 at 1 PM

I just got my books packed up for tomorrow to take with me to my friend's house.  I still have some essential sleepover items to pack, but I'll do that after I have some lunch.  I did print out the last chapter I wrote in "The Shepherdess Princess" to take with me, and I'm bringing along my poetry notebook in case I feel led to write a poem any time tonight or tomorrow.

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