Friday, September 7, 2012

Lots to be Updated About...

The Authors Fair went as expected in the fact that my friend and I didn't sale any of our books.  We had several looky-loos that complimented us about our book titles and cover designs.  A few even went so far as to read the synopsis of our fiction novels.  We left the apartment later than expected, and started setting up our table as the event was officially beginning.

I knew one of our old classmates joined the event nearer to the date of the Fair, but I was surprised to see him at the table directly across from me.  He inks a comic strip for a free local magazine called Oregon Coast Today, and click here for a direct route to the comic strip itself.  Anyway, he stopped by our table and we got caught up on part of each others lives after High School.

I also ran into a few more friendly faces I knew that stopped at our table to say hi to me.  One was a local librarian from where I volunteer weekly, and another was a fellow author/former boss of mine that had a table somewhere in the row behind us.  I saw another local librarian there, but she was in a hurry and didn't stop at my table to talk.  My friend finally had a familiar face near the end of the event stop by to say hi and see how everything was going: her mom!  I counted her as my fifth friendly face because I know her mom too.

The best part for me about being stuck in traffic was the white  limousine that got ahead of S's car as we were halfway through Newport, and lost it somewhere around Lincoln City.  I referred to it as "Stretch" and I kept wondering who the chauffeur was because they were booking it.   We would see it rounding the next bend once in a while, but for the most part we kept losing then regaining visual of it.  S wondered who was riding in it, and where they were going.  I wanted to find out who the chauffeur was, so I could hire them when I became a millionaire someday.

My First Video?

I was thinking today about the anniversary that's coming up next Tuesday, September 11th, and might make the poem I wrote on the first year anniversary of the attacks my first video since finding my microphone for my computer.  I haven't made any videos before now because I've been trying to figure out what I want to read, which book to choose from, and so on.  I'm feeling hesitant to make this video because I get hit pretty hard emotionally every year by the commemoration of it.  I have to think more about it over the weekend before I decide if it's a for sure thing I'm going to do.

I'm also thinking about writing a new poem to commemorate the day, and to vent the last ten years of emotions I've been feeling.  It's been eleven years since the attacks on the World Trade Centers, but ten years since I wrote my last poem about it.  I just thought up a title for the poem, so I'll probably work on that  sometime today.

Other Writing Projects

After having a couple weeks of no writing, September started with an idea to further my novel.  The problem was in stopping to do some research on a topic to make what I planned historically accurate, I now have to do a rewrite.  I've been spending time this past week rethinking where I want the story to go and how to get there from where I'm at in the process.  Don't worry, I have a firm grasp of where the story is going to lead, but I'm just trying to think of a new way to bridge the gap right now.  I have an inkling of an idea in the back of my head, but I'm still trying to get a clear visual of it before I write anymore in the novel.

I have thought about taking some time this weekend to add a scene to my splice file to be inputted into the novel later because even though I haven't been able to think of a way leading up to a scene, I have thought of something that will happen later on in the book.  This scene keeps popping up in my head begging to be written, so I must obey the voices in my head!

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