Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've spent all week going over my new poem's title in my head.  Every day, it repeated itself at least once.  This afternoon as I finally took the time to work on it, I got through writing two verses and stopped.  I just couldn't go on anymore because there was so many directions to take it rattling through my head as I envisioned pages upon pages of emotions pouring out of me.

The subject matter of death and destruction still hard to deal with eleven years later as I thought of the people who went to work on a typical September day, and never returned home to their anxious loved ones.  Some families stuck in limbo, and still hoping for that front door to open and their mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, or husband to walk in like nothing even happened.  Safe and sound!

Then I thought of the Firefighters and men and women of Law Enforcement who rushed to the scene of the crime, and selflessly gave their lives to try to save someone they might not even know.  Thinking of the firefighters and other first responders I heard about contracting cancer and either passed away, or still waging a battle against the disease who got it by inhaling particles of asbestos and other chemicals through their breathing apparatuses and by other means at Ground Zero that I learned about on the season finale of  "The Secret Millionaire."  The Ladder Companies, and their families are still suffering the ramifications to this day!

Finally, I thought about the Servicemen and Women fighting a war in a foreign land, a million miles from home and their loved ones not knowing if they are going to return home in one piece, or in a casket.  All because some terrorists hijacked a few planes, destroyed buildings, and killed hundreds of innocent people.

I remember my own dad's memorial as my sister was presented with the American flag after he died from cancer almost three years ago.  Yes he made it safely home from Vietnam, but not a day goes by that I wouldn't rather hear his voice, and feel his warmth when I hugged him more than anything in the world.

I have to end this now.  The tears are starting to flow...

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