Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Poem, and A Book Read...

I finally got in the writing mode a little bit this week, and just finished a poem I started writing on Wednesday night.  I've felt lost on the inspiration front where poetry is concerned because the 21st Century Poets site has been having issues, and all the bugs aren't fixed yet!  I've mainly continued going there the past couple of weeks to get my points for the day, and leave again.

Anyway, here's my newest creation:

Behind These Eyes

Behind these eyes
Is an intelligence that lies
Hidden from the world's view
Until a question is asked anew.

People look at my outward appearance and assume
The stupidest things, and leave no room
For the surprise
They feel when they get to know me from inside.

I use my poetry to vent,
But sometimes I feel like I can't
Go on being prejudged
For being a unique individual at all.

When will the stupidity end?
Take a chance, and gain a new friend.
The world would be a better place
If people stopped judging the rest of the human race.

I'll be adding my new poem to "The Trifecta" soon, and may continue writing some more in "The Shepherdess Princess" before going to bed tonight.

After 11 months of reading "The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman, I finally finished it today.  I kept dragging my feet and finding other books to read because I was enjoying the His Dark Materials trilogy, and didn't want it to end.  I keep wondering if the studio is going to pay for the rights to make a movie out of "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass" like they did for "The Golden Compass."  I think if they ended up making movies of the rest of the books, they would have to get a new child actress to play Lyra because Dakota is getting too old to play the part now.  I would like to see Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman back as her parents if that happened, though.

The only book I'm reading now is "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen.  At least until a new library book shows up for me to read.  I have a couple I'm waiting on now.

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