Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Writing Project, and Other Stuff...

I haven't had a lot happening on the writing front lately, but I crashed through my writer's block last weekend with an ongoing project of mine.  I have an autobiography type book full of short stories about events in my life that I've been working on from time to time, and I cut and pasted some new stories into the manuscript on Thursday from a separate file I had them in.  I started editing the four stories I added on Friday and part of Saturday because I know they can be expanded on a little bit.  I had previously submitted the four short stories to "Chicken Soup for the Soul," and had a certain word count to adhere to which made it difficult to get onto paper everything I wanted to say.  Now that I don't have that constraint, I could edit it to whatever length it needs to be to tell the rest of the story.   It's helped me get rid of writer's block in the past when I decided to take time out to focus on another book I want to write, and eventually publish.  I have over ten story ideas to choose from if I want!

I got done editing the first story I worked on, and started editing a second short story right after the first story was fine-tuned.  I have a total of five short stories I want edit when I have some time again.  I think the second story I'm still working on doesn't need much more added to it, and have been thinking about sitting down to continue editing in the next couple days.  It may have to wait for the weekend to come again, though.

On Another Note...

My birthday is next Monday, and I have no clue how I want to celebrate it.  I'm going to be ordering the cake from a local store's bakery after volunteering at the library today.  I know I want to have Rocky Road ice cream for sure, too.

I still can't fathom how time seems to fly by when birthdays come around.  It's like the last year has gone by in a blur, and I still can't believe I'm going to be a year older than I am now in a few short days.

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