Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slow Going...

I've resubmitted my manuscript to Lulu, but there's still a problem with it. I have my manuscript centered, but when I preview the submission to Lulu, it's all at the top. I remember having to manually center the necessary items in my last poetry book before it would show the pages the way I wanted them. For some reason, it doesn't work when the page is vertically centered automatically. I'll leave some pages the way they look, i.e. the table of contents, the list of other books by the author, and the copyright page. Anyway, it's quite an undertaking because this book is almost double the size of Fateful Firsts which had 131 pages compared to 199 pages in Second Thoughts.

Also, I'll be searching for the original cover design again. I couldn't find the one I just chose, but found one similar to it. I know it's there somewhere, but have other places to look on the site.

I'll spend today working on my manuscript until it's finished, or I become too tired to continue. Wish me luck this time!

I found a quote one of my friends posted on Facebook from Sylvia Plath. Here it is:

"And by the way, everything is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt."

I know from experience that self-doubt, and thinking your work is not good enough can hinder the creativity. Since last Wednesday, I've been pondering on this quote whenever I turn on my computer because I have it as a post-it show up on my desktop when I sign in with my password. I love the post-it note feature of Windows 7 for such times as these.

My brother never understands why I use the feature. He asked me about closing the post-it note, but I wouldn't let him. Once it's closed, the note disappears for good until you rewrite it again.


  1. I love that quote. How do you access the post-it feature?

  2. Nevermind, I figured it out. Good luck on working the kinks out of your manuscript!

  3. I didn't realize your new computer came with Windows 7, but for now it is the newest operating system available. Even though, I think there is a newer operating system they're still working the bugs out of.