Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two New Poems

Before I get to the new poems, an update on what I'm reading. I'm 3/4ths of the way through Philip Pullman's "The Golden Compass," which is part of His Dark Materials series. Next up to read, "The Subtle Knife," and eventually complete the series with "The Amber Spyglass." They've made "The Golden Compass" into a movie, but I am left wondering when or if they are going to convert the other two books into a film.

The Confession

I've finally done it,
and all I know is I may regret
giving him a second chance,
but I think our relationship deserves another glance.

I like to think
our love never died, and is on the brink
of renewal.
It just needs refueled.

A new life chapter is beginning,
and I don't if I'm winning
or losing until a fresh start
makes its way back into my heart.

What a confession to be faced with,
a possible reconciliation instead of a fist
used to punch him,
and open arms to love him again.

A Fresh Start

I've decided to listen to my heart,
and give a fresh start
to the man who tore it apart.

Two hearts on the mend
are ready to begin again
despite what may be said by family and friends.
My family and friends love me so
that they will support me as a whole.
So far they've been happy for me,
but not everyone knows what is happening.

It's a big problem to try and hide
a relationship with my guy,
but the truth is complicated to discuss.
Especially when someone makes a fuss
about my guy telling me he loves me so,
and they still don't know
about the fresh start,
and the man that still holds my heart.

I have another plan to take my notebook to Starbucks today, and while away the hours with pen in hand until I come up with a masterpiece even more grand than what you see here. I plan to move my readers to tears.

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