Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Newer Poems

In The Secret

In the secret where we've met
I'm allowed to be upset.
What you did before
leaves me wanting more,
but do I want to risk
it all to be kissed?

How do I know
if our love would grow,
or if it will fade away
on some distant day?
Leaving me heartbroken,
and yearning for completeness again.

Is it too much to ask
to forgo everything that passed?
If I could forgive and move on,
I know I'll be able to find "the One."

Breathe Out, Breathe In

I breathe in, I breathe out
a wellspring of emotions
and abysmal notions
of a life I can have
if I took the risk to grab
on tightly with both hands,
and follow the rainbow's end.

Why aren't you here?
I need to hear your voice loud and clear.
I need some sage advice
on how to get on with my life.
Instead I breathe in, I breathe out
while living without.

I need a father, I need a friend.
When will the death spiral end?
I'm teetering on the brink,
so I breathe out, I breathe in
until I can see you again.

I'm constantly taking pills to numb the pain
of the jackhammer in my brain
while I fight to keep sane.

Across the Universe

Across the universe
everything is reversed.
Day is night,
and night is day
ever since you went away.

I don't know if I'll ever get back
the happiness I now lack.
The empty hollow deep inside
is what I constantly hide
from family and friends.
With my family, they're also on the mend.

A "boulevard of broken dreams"
is where I seem
to be living these days.
I would desperately like to move away.

Just a note to say I wrote "In The Secret" last night, and the other two poems are older. They all seem to fit together, so I decided to clump them into this post.


  1. Powerful stuff hon. I'm glad to see you're sharing your work.

  2. I'm glad you and Rick are enjoying it.