Monday, July 7, 2014

Something Awful Happened This Week....

My laptop died almost a week ago, and I've been jonesing for an electrical fix.  I don't know where I would be if I didn't have the use of the local library computers.  I just got off one of their computers that is only set up with Microsoft Word because I added more stuff to a couple of my manuscripts.

Another thing that happened is I wrote my first poem in a year, so I get to share that with my readers, too.  Here it is:

The Caged Bird Set Free
(In Memory of Dr. Maya Angelou)
What a life she had led
Before being confined to her death bed.
The world has been forever changed
since Maya Angelou claimed,
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
She didn't care much for earthly things.
The sufferance of life is yours no more,
and the caged bird finds an open door.
It stands on the perch awaiting
Its owner to appear to close it again, debating
whether she should follow her instincts.
Then she's gone in a blink.
The caged bird is set free,
And she is too happy to be melancholy.
There is a whole new world to explore
That she has never experienced before.

Other Writing...

I added a scene to the second book in my Shepherdess series, but I didn't get to add any new yet to Noble Beginnings because I grabbed the wrong notebook from home.  For those who might not know, Noble Beginnings is actually the third book in my series.

I can only use the library computer once a day, so I'll have to come back tomorrow with the correct notebook to add the new stuff to that manuscript.

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