Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day...

Happy Veteran's Day to all!  Thank you to all the service men and women trying to keep the rest of us safe, both past and present.  I've been spending the day thinking about military families and what they have to go through.  Someone might be deemed a "single parent" while their loved one is serving overseas.  The adjustment the families have to make when their loved ones return home.

I'm actually starting to miss working on poetry, and especially getting inspiration at 21st Century Poets.  However, I just visited the site once again and it still has glitches they are trying to take care of, and one of my groups is still missing from the list because they are having problems getting in touch with the group moderator.

NaNoWriMo is going slower than I expected it to.  I haven't had many days that I haven't written anything in "Magic in their Blood," but the new scenes don't amount to the daily word count for the challenge.  I'm doing better this year than I have starting out with NaNoWriMo the past three years.  Strangely, reading Anne Rice has been helping me some in my novel.  It's weird because my novel doesn't encompass anything to do with mummies and vampires.  Although, there is a fantasy element to it that also shines through the Anne Rice  books that seems to be keeping me going in my story.

I do remember hearing recently that a reader can tell who an author's influences are by the way they write a novel.  If the author is into reading more than one genre, it shows in their work.  If the author only reads science fiction, for example, that also shows in their writing.  I would be one of those author's that is all over the board because I read sci-fi, mystery, courtroom thrillers, young adult, children's books, and fiction.  Basically, there hasn't been a section in my local library that I haven't found something interesting to read in which is probably why I feel like I haven't found a genre I want to stick with when it comes to my writing.

I've been thinking about hitting the library sometime during the week with my laptop to find a silent corner to write in.  There has been too many distractions at home.  The big one being one of my neighbors moved out last week and left the apartment next door to me in shambles.  So much so that my landlord had to hire someone to put new drywall in the apartment and my landlord and his brother have been banging away getting more stuff done, so the apartment can be rented out.

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