Friday, September 9, 2011

Writing again...

I'm glad I've finally blasted through my writer's block, and am making progress once again.  Over the past few days, I've been writing non-stop in one of my notebooks.  It's the notebook I've dedicated to my fairy tale-like story because it has a picture of Tinkerbell on the cover.  I started out writing in it any ideas for upcoming scenes in the book to actually writing some whole chapters in it to be added later to the manuscript on my computer.

I started this latest writing bout wanting to start my book from scratch, taking the time to re-write the whole thing entirely to make it flow the way I want it to.  Then, as I began writing more and more onto the notebook page, I realized what I was writing could be fit into the existing story line, and still work.

Now, though, I feel like I'm going off on tangent with the newest couple paragraphs because it's pertaining to how the shepherdess's parents met and I feel it's starting to take away from the rest of the story.  I want to work the parents story into the book somehow because I had this idea of making the shepherdess come from nobility, and that way she can marry the Prince in the end without being just a regular commoner.

One of the twist's is she won't know the truth about the nobility until the end if I have my way.  The back story: Her titled grandparents fled England for Scotland to escape having to fight a battle they were against in the first place.  A battle the grandfather thought could be avoided, but was wanted by all the other noblemen.  He sells his property, and moves his wife and child to Scotland.  When the older generation dies, the title gets passed down to their son (the Shepherdess's father) who ends up living pretty meagerly by choice.

They have no servants, own the land they live on, want for nothing, and work the farm they live on themselves.  The family's titles only show up on official paperwork, and business documents.  Some of the townspeople know of the family's nobility, but don't bring it up out of respect for the shepherdess's father who wants to tell his daughter when he's ready about her privileged heritage.

I know I'll figure things out eventually, and will be able to write the story the way I want it to be written.  It'll just take time, and me putting more thought into how I want to proceed from where I'm at now.

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