Saturday, September 24, 2011

Possible Writing Topics

I've been churning the gears all month since I checked the Chicken Soup for the Soul website for upcoming book titles to submit stories for.  This is the next one with a deadline:

Messages from Heaven 
When our loved ones leave this world, our connection with them does not end. Death takes away their physical presence, but not their spirit, and we often sense them after they have gone. Sometimes we see or hear from them after they've passed, giving us signs and messages from beyond. We want to hear from you if you have experienced the other side or received a sign or signal from a loved one who has passed. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is October 3, 2011

I've been thinking about a story to submit for it, and I have a pretty good idea what I want it to be about.  My life's been a little hectic this month with other things on my plate, but I want to spend time tomorrow writing my story.  It wouldn't take me long to write because normally the submissions are supposed to be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 words.  I can accomplish that within an hour or two.  I'm contemplating whether I want to write a poem as well, or just have the story.

There's also a couple other topics I was thinking about contributing to at a later date.  They are:

Breast Cancer Stories of Support 
We encourage women and men with breast cancer and their family members and friends to submit stories to this important book title. From the fear at the initial diagnosis to the hopefully, positive "cancer free" diagnosis at the end of treatment, the stories in this book will serve as a support group for patients and their loved ones. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is March 31, 2012.

Finding My Faith 
Whether we consider ourselves to be Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion, our belief in a higher power directs our lives and our thoughts. Everyone's "faith story" is different. Some of us find faith late in life. Others lose their faith after a tragic event or spiritual dry spell, only to rediscover it through a divine nudge. Faith can appear quickly or build up over time. It can hit us like a sledgehammer or whisper in our ear. It can show up in a miracle or in an ordinary event. However faith arrives, it is life-changing and powerful. If you have an inspirational personal story of finding your faith, we want to hear from you! The deadline date for story and poem submissions is December 31, 2011.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to write for them yet, but I have quite some time to think about it.  In the meantime, I'm still writing in "The Shepherdess Princess" as well.

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