Monday, June 2, 2014

A Writing Update Finally...

My brother keeps getting asked by some of my my blog readers, "How is the book coming?  When is your sister going to update her blog?"  So here I am.  I haven't had much new to say for a while, so I've been a silent presence online.

What's New With The Shepherdess Princess?

I have the manuscript printed out, and almost ready to mail to a publisher.  I have cover letters printed out to send with it, and am currently working on my synopsis.  I have two possible publishers I'm going to be sending my manuscript to, but one of them only wants the first three chapters of the novel to begin with.  However, the publisher that only wants the three chapters also wants a 5 page synopsis.  I have three pages written so far.

I plan on mailing everything out next week.  Both of the publishers take three months to make a decision, so I wouldn't be expecting to hear from them until September.


My other writing projects have been put on the back burner until I get the manuscript mailed off.  I will continue working on the other novels in the series that I started to keep me sane while I wait to hear the verdict on The Shepherdess Princess.

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