Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is That a New Post I See?

Yes, it is!  You are not imagining things.  I finally found the time to update my readers on my life since my last post.

1.  I have bridged the gap I was working on in "The Shepherdess Princess," so now I can continue on with the rest of the story.

2.  I've decided to add a bibliography to the back of the manuscript to show my readers what resources I used in bringing the story together.  I've been working on that for the past few hours at the local library because some of the information I printed out from online resources didn't have website information and such.

I'm mostly done with the bibliography now except for the several documents I printed out that has the website information.  I have mostly Wikipedia articles to add to the bibliography now, and then I'll be done with that.

3.  I have started compiling a list of possible publishers I can send my manuscript to when it's done.  Yes, I am that close to being done with the book!  ;)  If I hunker down and write, I'm planning on being finished by October 8th, 2013.  Halloween at the latest!


For being such a patient group of followers, here is another teaser from "The Shepherdess Princess" for your reading pleasure:

            As Jazelle and Philippe were walking out of the woods, side-by-side, Jazelle couldn’t help bringing up a subject that was still nagging at her.  “Philippe,” she began, anxious to think what the outcome might be, “Can I ask you to clarify something for me?”
            “Of course,” Philippe croaked out, wondering if he’d live to regret what came next.
            “Back there you said that you were withholding information to protect those you know and love,” Jazelle said, heart racing, “Does that include me?”
            Jazelle’s words caused Philippe to stop in his tracks, and face her.  What should I say? He thought, Should I finally come out with how I truly feel about her?  Would she reject me, or accept me without knowing everything about me?  “Of course, I love you,” Philippe admitted, “You’re my best friend, my only friend, that I’m really close to around here.”
            “I love you, too,” Jazelle’s face beamed as she threw her arms around his neck, and their lips met in a steamy kiss.
            “Whoa,” Philippe said once he was able to push her away before the kiss deepened anymore than it already had, “I didn’t mean it that way!” He lied.
            “Oh, I’m so embarrassed,” Jazelle replied, covering her face with her hands.
            “Don’t be,” Philippe said in an attempt to console her, “I liked it!”
            “Pig,” Jazelle said before pushing him aside as she stormed off.
            All Philippe could do was stand there and chuckle as  he watched her from behind.  “You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re pretending to be angry,” he called out to her.
            Jazelle stopped, turned around, and went charging back to him.  SMACK! Her right hand slapped his cheek so hard it began throbbing instantly.  He dropped the bread he carried onto the ground as his hand flew up to caress the red mark now forming there.  She hurt her hand, too, but was too pissed off to care about the pain as she left him again.

I hope I've left people salivating again.  Maybe the book will actually be distributed to the masses by the next time I have to share another teaser.


  1. Mandy, it looks great and I'm sure you're going to get a publisher to take you on.

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