Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly challenges

There's a new weekly challenge at 21st Century Poets that's got me thinking (dangerous, I know!) about many different writing possibilities.  The challenge is to write a poem in any format or length you wish about a dream you had.  The dilemma is whether I want to write a new poem, or share an old one I wrote a long time ago.  I had a crazy dream last night that coincided with another dream I had a few months back that I didn't particularly want to write about, but both those dreams keep popping into my thoughts throughout the day today.  I'm just not sure about the wording I would use at the moment.  The title is easy to come up with because it's two dreams about the same activity, but they were both very different in content.  It's the content that has me in a dilemma.  Do I choose to write about one or the other, or try to incorporate a little bit of both dreams into the poem?  Should I write a separate poem for each dream?

I'm also slowly starting to write novels based on dreams I've had in the past.  They make up four of the ten book ideas I have in the works right now.  For now, they are on the back burner.

Anyway, that's what has me up at 1 am when I should be sleeping!  Any help in the decision making process would be greatly appreciated.

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