Monday, December 26, 2011

"A Literal History of the Word Processor"

Author Anne Rice, of the Vampire Chronicles fame, brought a New York Times article to my attention about the history of the word processor that intrigued me to go read it and share it here.  Ms. Rice also asked her fans a question that I wanted to repeat here: "Does anybody still use typewriters or write by hand?"

Here's my two responses:

1.  I have 3 different paper notebooks I'm writing in at the moment. One notebook is for one story I'm working on with research notes written in it, one notebook is for a story I'm going to be starting on soon has only character names and research notes written in it so far, and one I use for poetry only. I transfer anything I've written by hand into the computer later. I don't always have my laptop everywhere I go, so if a story idea comes up or a new poem gets thought of, I like having a notebook along with me to write in before I lose the idea which happens sometimes if I can't get to a computer right away.

2.When I was younger, I used to write short stories and do homework on a typewriter because my family was poor and couldn't afford a computer until I was in my teens.

For my fellow writers out there I'll ask again, "Does anybody still use typewriters or write by hand?  Why or why not?"

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  1. Yep I read that earlier today and saw your response, for me personally I like writing by hand because there are times that you cannot have a laptop or computer around, and sometimes do not want too. As for a type writer I have not used one of those since mine got stolen in 1994.