Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Change in Creative Direction...

The other night while I was writing some more scenes in "The Shepherdess Princess," I came to a stand still because it was an emotional night for me.  Anyway, I paused to switch notebooks, and picked up my poetry notebook I haven't written in since publishing "Second Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry."  What follows is what was produced that night:

The Roller Coaster

I hear a message from you,
and I wonder what to do.
Do I believe you
after what you put me through?

Do I get on this roller coaster
of emotions, or pull a gun from my holster?
I never wanted to have these thoughts again,
and yet here I am.

After not writing a poem in months,
I pick up a pen to haunt
this notebook once again
with words long unwritten.

I know you don't deserve another chance.
I've given you two already, and I glance
back into a past
I thought I had some closure for at last.

One Stormy Night

The stormy night without
matches my emotions within.
You should have no more clout
over my heart again.

You no longer reside there.
You gave up that right,
and yet you want to hide there
on this stormy night.

You know I can hold a grudge,
but still ask for another chance.
I've never been one to judge,
but I no longer want romance.

I give and you take
until there is no more.
There's no way to fake
what has left my heart sore.

This next poem was written last night in memory of my friend, Traci:

The Box

How can a box so small
carry the ashes of a tall,
big beautiful woman?
How could she leave behind a good man?

I know she didn't have a choice,
but sometimes I miss hearing her voice.
All of her friends
she considered sisters and brothers to the end.

Now all that is left is a box
that never needed a lock.
My memories churn
as I think of her reduced to an urn.

Traci is far away from me,
but I like to think she's happy and free.
We will be reunited someday,
but she was only thirty-one when she was taken away.
I love you, sis, to the very end.
Even into the great beyond, my friend.

In addition to the poems I just shared, there's two more I have titles for that I have yet to write.  I am still also working on "The Shepherdess Princess" which is now at 55 pages, and counting.  I have 3 1/2 written pages in my notebook yet to add to my manuscript, and hope to write some more before going to bed tonight.

I have yet to put my new poems into their own document, but I've had a title for my next poetry book in mind since beginning to write "Second Thoughts."  It's working title is "The Trifecta: A Collection of Poetry" simply for the reason that it will be my third poetry book.  I may change it to something different later, but that's what I'll call it for now.

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