Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Manuscript Re-Submitted

It turns out I wasn't supposed to mail a copy of my manuscript through snail mail like I did, but use an online submission form.  I just filled that out, and got an email saying they will take up to eight to twelve weeks to get back to me.  At least it's probably going to be considered this time.  I found the proper submission guidelines in the 2015 Writer's Market.

I had a good birthday on October 8th despite having an ear infection.  I feel like I made out like a bandit this year.  Presents include: a TV set (my neighbor had a spare to give me when my TV died), and the same neighbor also paid for me to wash all of my clothes at the Laundromat ($50 worth); my sister-in-law gave me the money I needed to renew my ID ($40.50 value); one of my brothers bought my birthday cake for me; another brother bought me a Kindle Fire HDX plus the case and gave me $20 in cash.  With the birthday money I bought the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and movie purchases include Ernest Scared Stupid, Nosferatu, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Host based on the book I bought, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Blades of Glory.

Being surprised with the Kindle Fire HDX with the case the day after my birthday when I got home from the Emergency Room and pharmacy more than made up for the ear infection I got.

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